Hello friends and neighbors of Nashville, 
I'm Bishop John "Keith" Vincent, and I am the senior pastor and founder of Greater Compassion Ministries Church. I have served our growing community for the past 15 years, working to promote faith, unity, hope, love, and compassion in the spirit of Christ.  Amidst very challenging times, our nonprofit organization continues to spread a message of inspiration, justice, harmony, and equality, for both the present and future generations.
I am urgently reaching out to our community, and asking for your help in saving, preserving, and restoring a historical landmark located in the heart of Nashville!  
The Ebenezer A.M.E. church, founded in 1867, is the first African Methodist Episcopal church in Nashville.  Its' rich history represents a legacy of freedom, opportunity, and future progress. The nostalgic characteristics of this building is a precious reminder of our ancestral struggle, perseverance, and faith, and is a timeless treasure worth preserving!  This property was previously approved by the city to be demolished; however, we have an opportunity to purchase it and to keep its legacy alive!
The "City of Compassion" project, sponsored by Greater Compassion Ministries, is an initiative to buy this property, restore it, and to use it for the purpose in which it was originally built and dedicated; to "bring glory to God", as inscribed on the churches' cornerstone.  We also desire to expand our agency services in the city, addressing some of the needs of the senior and homeless population, offering various resources, such as temporary transitional living arrangements, meals, transportation to certain appointments, and other resources to enhance their quality of life.  
This project is indeed a great challenge for our local ministry, but we are determined to succeed!  Friends, can we count on you to help our good cause?  We are kindly asking family, friends, community, businesses, faith-based organizations, fraternities, sorors, celebrities, athletes, and all who will to consider donating! We are kicking off this fundraiser campaign on September 1st and have a set goal of raising $250,000 in ninety days! 
If 2,500 people donate $100, we can hit this goal very quickly, however any contribution amount is appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your tax-deductible donation!  
Let's save this historical landmark in Nashville!
Best Regards, 
Bishop John K. Vincent