Our Ministries

Our ministries are an important and integral part of our church community. Whether you are a student, single or married there is a ministry designed for you. Please read about our ministries and consider becoming an active member of our community of faith.
Children of Destiny
Youth Department: Min. Tonneshea Colley

Children are a heritage of the Lord; and the fruit of the womb is his reward.(Psalm 127:3) We believe that every child has an appointment with destiny! Our Children of Destiny ministry is designed to train, develop, and nurture youth, preparing them for Godly success.
Marriage Enrichment Ministry

The institution of marriage was ordained of God. Although there are no perfect relationships, we believe that  marriage is to be held in high honor among all. Our Marriage Enrichment Ministry is designed to promote marital fidelity and strengthen hurting relationships through Godly and practical concepts.

Men of Character

Our Men of Character ministry is designed to enlighten and empower men, building strong leadership and accountability to God, spouse, family, employer, and community.

Women of Purpose
                              First Lady Nicola Vincent                                       

Our Women of Purpose ministry is designed to build and boost women, strengthen relationship and responsibility to God, spouse, family, employer, and community.
Singles Ministry

We believe that before an individual finds happiness in love and marriage, they must also find peace and joy in singleness. Our singles ministry is designed to build individual character, as well as teach individuals how to enjoy their lives while single.

J.I.F.F.Y. (Journey In Finding Faith Yourself)
Min. Antonisha McIntosh         
Music and Arts Ministry
Min. Nicholas J. Vincent/ Min. Jonathan K. Vincent 

Our Music and Arts ministry is to enhance the ministry at large, and to bring glory and honor to God through our gifts and talents, whether singing, acting, dancing, or some other expression!
Our missions ministry is to reach both domestic and foreign territory through spreading the love of Jesus through our volunteer services, outreach, and other special helps.  

Our ministry is supported by the generosity of every parishoner and visitor who gives their tithe/offering in support of furhtering the work of the ministry.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our ministries or would like to know about other opportunities to serve our community that may not be listed here.

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